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Besides SPICE 1-2-1 for ISO 20000 there is a whole series of tools which touch the same topic directly or from a slight different viewpoint. Each of these methods does have its own advantages. The selection of the assessment method and tool should take your business needs and goals into consideration. Contact us, we are glad to help you.


files/content/all/images/SPiCE121_60x60.jpg SPiCE 1-2-1 for International Standard - following ISO 15504:2003/2006/2012 on a one-to-one basis (hence the name).
See here for more information:
files/content/all/images/SPiCE12Drive_60x60.jpg Additional to the International Standard, there is a version for the automotive industry: AutomotiveSPiCE. See here for more information:
files/content/all/images/CMM-Quest_60x60.jpg Now there is a newer version of CMM (Capability Maturity Model) available, it is called: CMMI (CMM Integrated). More info can be found at or if you are more oriented towards practical application you can check it out from the viewpoint of the assessment tool:
files/content/all/images/SPiCE12ISMS_60x60.jpg SPiCE 1-2-1 for ISO 27000 - Processes for Information Security Management System (ISMS).
See here for more information:
files/content/all/images/SPiCELite_60x60.jpg If you have a small software development organisation, then SPICE might be oversized. Or if you just start to explore the world of processes, then use the assessment tool SPiCE-Lite.
It contains also a mapping to display the results in ISO 15504 compliant form.
files/content/all/images/myBusinessQuest_60x60.jpg Coherent process orientation is the key to successful product and quality improvement. For all management levels.
MyBusinessQuest will help to create and to measure the appreciation for process orientation.
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